Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin Theories and Speculation : Entire Plot Explained, History of Shingeki No Kyojin and the Walls, Origin of Titans, Titan Shifters, Homeland.

W . A . R . N . I . N. G 

This article contains extreme heavy SPOILERS, especially for viewers of the Anime. I will be talking about some very spoilery stuff here.  

If you are not up to date with the manga, keep in mind that I will be talking about the events that happened in the manga to back my speculation up. If you do not care about spoilers, feel free to read on. Obviously, this goes without saying: This is a SPECULATION. You are free to disagree/agree. Please be reminded that this article doesn’t mean to make any definitive claims!!! (:

For your reference to how far this will spoil the Manga for you, I have read up the latest chapter of Shingeki No Kyojin to date, which is Chapter 60. So please, I don't want any one cursing me for spoiling the Manga for them. You have been warned.

I think we can all agree that anime world of Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan is extremely realistic; from Isayama-san going all 'Game of Thrones' on us and killing characters after we have grown attached to them to how brutally realistic it is in terms of human behavior. Also, every thing seem to be relied soley on Science, no voodoo magic and all that jazz here what so ever. Aside from the mystery of the humanoid grotesque looking man-eating creatures called Titans, every thing seems to be pretty realistic and based on Science, like for example - the 3D Maneuver Gear. I am sure many would agree with me when I say that everything in Shingeki No Kyojin seem to have some sort of believable scientific background. 

So, we as the readers are made to believe that Titans are not created by some 'Magical Wizard powers', but actually from science instead.

Can anyone just imagine some weird magical powers popping out of a sudden? :/ No, I don't think so.

One example is that Eren's ability to Titan Shift is given to him by the power of science, via a chemical injection by Dr. Jaeger, his father.

With that out of the way, let's proceed to our analysis.


Like with any other great Titan Theory, let's begin our analysis with one of our favorite fanatical scientist, Hanji Zoe's theories. In chapter 51, after the supposed breach of Wall Rose: It has been revealed that Titans are actually once, humans. 

Chapter 51 (Page 27)

Awhile Hanji had stressed to Levi that it is merely a theory and that there is no solid proof yet. We can't deny that there is glaring evidence that heavily implies that Titans were indeed once humans. These evidence are taken from the SnK Manga, Chapter 51.

1) Residences of the Village were destroyed from explosives from within, but despite such obvious evidence, there isn't a trace of blood. Plus, they haven't found a single Ragako Village resident. (Page 26)

2) Total numbers of Titans that appeared during the breach of Wall Rose equals to exactly the number of Ragako Village residents. (Page 26)

3) Connie's mom is the immobile Titan found at the village. The portrait of his mother bears a striking resemblance to the Titan, and the Titan said "Welcome home" to Connie once. (Page 29)

Therefore considering that the above is true, Hanji's theory about Titans being once humans is very, very accurate with substantial evidence to back it up. So, it's pretty safe to say that we, as the readers, agree that Titans were indeed once humans.

Chapter 51 (Page 49) 

So, if all Titans are actually once human, how did it happen? Why did it happen? Now before we get onto that, let's go over the basic Titan characteristics. 

I believe that these are the Titans characteristics that we can all agree on. 

1) Titans seek out and devour humans for reasons currently unknown, as they do not derive any real sustenance from them; they did not taste human flesh for nearly a century after the walls went up, but this did not affect their activity or numbers.

2) Once a Titan has filled what passes for its stomach with dead humans, it regurgitates them in a giant ball and continues eating more as soon as possible.

3) They do seem to become less active at night or if deprived of sunlight, and so it may be possible they draw their primary source of energy from the sun. 

4) Titans possesses incredible regenerative abilities - the only sure way to kill them is by slicing out the nape of the back of the neck. They regenerate lost and damaged body parts within seconds to minutes

5) Many Titans ignore injuries such as losing limbs, impaled through heart, or having their eyes gouged out. If injured, some will have an reaction that might be pain but more accurately it seems more like annoyance. An example would be in Hanji's experiments Bean shrieked in pain when she gouged it's eyes while Sonny seem oblivious to the fact that she had impaled him through the heart.

6) They charge towards any Humans, armed or not and robotically proceed to attempt to eat whichever human is close to them.

Therefore, while certainly not immortal, Titans are incredibly powerful.

Which brings me to this speculation:

Titans were actually developed to be use as a Human Weapon.

Now before you go all 'Oh damn, it's one of those stupid theories again', hear me out. After listing out all of their characteristic: wouldn't Titans be perfect to be used as a human weapon? 

The Titans only have a singular purpose. They seem to only exist in order to kill humans through ingesting them. However, after consuming them, they vomit them back up, heavily implying that their desire to hunt isn’t for mere survival purposes. 
In fact they make the perfect soldiers to fight wars in my opinion. They do not care about their injuries and certainly do not feel pain. They are not afraid of death. They possess regenerative abilities. They have no need to feed, hence saving money and cost. Guns have little affect on them. 

Most importantly, this would explain the mystery behind why Titans need to kill when they do not have to the need to feed. The instinct was genetically programmed into their brain: Titans have the instinct to consume humans, not animals, only humans. 

Titans are the perfect killing machine for Humans.

This is from Chapter 12 ( Page 15 ), where Commander Pixis had stated that before this land fell under the Titan control: Humanity continually tore itself apart over the differences in race or principles. Let's us assume this is actually a fact, that Humanity was indeed at War back before Titans raged.

Which brings me to the next speculation.

Monarchy knows about the Origin of Titans and why they are created.

If you read the recent updates of the manga, you would know that Monarchy is being a total asshole right now - they want Eren and Historia and would do anything to get their hands on them, even going as far as killing the Survey Corps. They obviously know something about Titans in the wall and possibly much more about Titans, especially the Wall Cult.

Chapter 37 (Page 3)

It is heavily implied that the REAL king, Rod Reiss is the man behind everything, and it is stated that the Reiss Family is "Privy to the secrets of the Titans in the Wall". So it is safe to assume that the higher ups do know about the origins of Titans most possibly from the secrets passed down from thru generations ( as said by Pastor Nick ).

So what if... 

Monarchy was the one who ordered the created of Titans?

And if Titans are indeed product of science, then there has to be a genius scientist who created them right? 

So let's make an imaginary scientist for now... I have a speculation that this 'scientist' or 'creator' might be actually be a past King (an ancestor of the Reiss Family), but there is no evidence to back that up that theory, so you can decide for yourself if it is another person who was ordered to create Titans or Monarchy themselves who personally created the Titans. 

Let's call him this imaginary scientist, Dr. X (Yeah real creative). He was probably alive more than 100 years ago before Titans lived. Humanity was at war back then.

Monarchy needed to develop a weapon that far surpasses their enemies to win Wars, given the fact that SnK is a very realistic manga. Monarchy being a greedy asshole is actually pretty easy to imagine since they have been revealed in the recent updates to be self-centered and extremely corrupted.

Dr. X was able to create what he called – ‘ in destructive Human weapons (aka Titans)’ by creating a mutant potion that allowed humans soldiers to transform into large, humanoid with amazing regenerative abilities. They were almost invincible, needing only to live of sun energy and had an immortal life span if their napes weren't cut. They were the perfect human weapon.

I don't know how he did it - there are just no hints nor clues so far to how he had created the serums so I can't come up with a theory. Take note that is just a speculation.

With that said, let's get back to the topic we were talking about just now. If all Titans are actually once human, how did it happen? Why did it happen?
Which brings me to this point: The Beast Titan is said by Ymir to be directly responsible for the appearance of Titans within Wall Rose. 


Chapter 52 (Page 31)

I am sure we can agree on that the Beast Titans is no Ordinary Titan and there is a high like hood that it is not a Titan Shifter as well. To prove my point I am going to list it's characteristics.

1) It is revealed that the Beast Titan possess some unknown means to transform humans into Titans.

2) It is seen to be able to fully communicate with other Titans and give orders to them. (Chapter 35, Page 40)

3) They could communicate to human as well. (Eren couldn't speak in his Titan form during Hanji's experiment, Annie as well and Ymir had to stick her head out of her Titan Form in order to talk to Krista.) (Chapter 35, Page 38)

4) Unlike Eren, Annie and the rest of the Titan shifters. Titans DO NOT attack the Beast Titan. (Chapter 35)

5) The Beast Titan possess intelligence. (Chapter 35, Page 36)

6) Titans created by the Beast Titan do not possess intelligence, they are just like any other Titan, mindless creatures simply driven by the instinct to feed on humans. (Chapter 35) 

So using that evidence, what if the first successful Titan that was ever created was none other than the ‘Beast Titan’.

The first generation of Titans or 'Beast Titan' had the ability to fully communicate awhile in its form, possess great physical strength and also has the the trait to be change Humans into Titans.
But that also brings up another question: What about all of the other Titans, the so called 'Normal' Titans?

Well, deriving from the fact that the Beast Titan can turn humans into Titans and that Titans created by the Beast Titan were nothing more than mindless creatures that devoured humans without restraint...

What if the Beast Titan is actually the progenitor of ALL Titans?

Let's get back to the speculation with our imaginary scientist Dr. X for now so I can state my reasons. 

So somehow along the story, Monarchy probably enlisted the Beast Titan as a human weapon during a war. Havoc broke lose when the humans turned into Titans could not control their Titan form and attacked all humans (allies/enemies) alike, devouring them. 

This is the beginning of the Titans age.

However, some of you may argue - "Why the hell would monarchy stupidly allow the Beast Titan into the battle field when the Titans he created can not control themselves? Surely they must have taken some precaution."

Well to answer your question, we would have to go back to the Connie's mother that turned into a Titan once again.

From the manga what we do know is that: Connie's mom, even when in her Titan form spoke to Connie and recognizes him, telling him "Welcome home" when she saw her son. 

From this, we can say that the Connie's mother Titan DID possesses a little bit of intelligence. She recognizes Connie and even spoke. *Do take note that during this arc, there's no saying how long had passed after the residents of the Village had been turned into Titans. In fact, based on the Manga - several hours since the first sighting of Titans has already passed when the events took place.*

Which brings me to this debate: What if the Titans turned by the Beast Titan, slowly lose their unconscious and control of their Titan over a span of time? 

Since Connie's mom no longer talked or possess any form of intelligence by the time Hanji's squad went back to the village for the second time to investigate, I believe that is highly possible.

Chapter 38 (Page 35)

Freshly 'made' Titans also possess the ability to be mobile in the night, I am theorizing that they still have as 'energy' stored in their body because they have JUST been transformed into Titans. They are using energy that they possessed when they were still humans in order to move, but sooner or later after they use it all up and they will become immobile at night like any other ordinary Titan.

It is also stressed heavily in the Manga that Titans are highly unpredictable, so I theorized that Monarchy unleashed the Beast Titan into the battle field without unknowing about that the Titans created would soon lose the control over time. 

Plus, there are always bound to be failures in experiments right?

During this point of time, Monarchy was outraged at the failure of the destructive human weapons (Titans) and ordered for the ‘Beast Titan’ as well as every Titan to be eradicated due to the unpredictable nature and for Dr. X's project terminated because of it’s failure. 

However, there was an error of judgement again. While it was easy to eliminate all the mindless Titans, the Beast Titan possesses intelligence. I don't know if there is only one Beast Titan in the world, they could be more - it's heavily implied in the manga, but there are no hints to back this up though.

When the Beast Titan had overheard the conversation that he is to be disposed, he (or they if there are many other successful specimens) rebelled against Humanity and in turn, fought against them, his motivation was revenge for being treated as nothing more than a specimen.

It's pretty easy for the Beast Titan to escape if you think about it: Turn the people who tried to kill him into Titans, ordered the Titans to kill the Military, and then escape.

In spiteful vengeance, he created more mindless Titans, further killing off a large chunk of Humanity.

It's highly unlikely that the Beast Titan can revert back to a human because as stated before, they are not Titan Shifter because Titans simply do not attack them, heavily implying that it's body is of a true Titan. Then again, please note that I am just assuming.

Following that disaster, Monarchy was obviously shaken by the amount of damaged caused by the Titans, seeing them as a immense threat to Humanity, they ordered Dr. X to develop another serum, a more advanced potion. Dr. X successfully developed a new race of Titans thanks to the data he had collected with the Beast Titans experiments in order to counter attack the Titan outbreak that threatened to wipe out Humanity. 

He injected a bunch of soldiers the modified serum that would allow them to shift into Titan Form and retain their Human Form (so that would be controllable and retain their conscious when in the Titan Form). They were many times stronger than normal titans and had special traits based on the individual. These newly evolved advanced Titans were called them ‘Warriors’ or ‘Titan Shifter’ .

Warriors/Titan Shifter were created to KILL Titans. 

These ‘Warriors’ was originally created as a weapon to counter attack the Titans, seeing that Humanity was not so advanced to take them down on their own. Do note that they did not have 3DMG back then, 3DMG was developed 60 years before Wall Maria Fell.

Shingeki No Kyojin: Before The Fall Prequel novel. Chapter 00: Prologue (Page 11)

But having the 'Warriors' wasn’t enough to eradicate all Titans. It was realized that the Titan frightening power came in their numbers and that the Titan Shifters were not immune to the Titan’s attacks like the Beast Titans. Titans feasted on the 'Warriors'. This also bought along the discovery that when ‘Titans Shifters’ are devoured, the advanced serum in their bodies were passed on to the mindless Titans – granting them the power of Titan Shifting.

To back that speculation up, let's go through the clues/evidence from the manga.

1) Titan Shifter are still hunted down by regular Titans even in their Titan Form.

Chapter 11 (Page 36)

Chapter 11 (Page 37)

2) Abilities such a Coordinate/Titan Shifting can be transferred if another Titan eats a Titan Shifter.

Ymir ate Reiner childhood friend, hence she gained the power of Titan shifting.
Chapter 47 (Page 6)

 Chapter 57 (Page 6)

Coordinate ability is also able to be transferred through consumption.
Chapter 57 (Page 7)

The so called 'Warriors' could not fully dissolve the Titan Threat as expected, there were just too many Titans in the world by now.

Over time, Titans were beginning to be a serious threat to humanity when the Beast Titan started turning more humans to Titans, and at the rate things were going, Humanity was about to be driven to a point of extinction.

They needed a way to control the Titans. With the new data he gathered from his semi-successful Titan Shifter serum, Dr. X began on developing a miraculous serum something he would called the ‘Coordinate’ – an ability to control the much weaker mindless Titans and it was injected it into the first Coordinate Titan Shifter

But of course, Humanity has probably learned by now: What if this experiment is a failure again? What if the Coordinate can not truly protect Humanity? 

At the rate things were going, Humanity was in dire circumstances. Titans were devouring humans left and right, and if not stopped, Humanity would be completely wiped out.

Humanity needed assurance, a back up plan. So they developed three impermeable immense Walls as a fortress should things fail once again.


Credits ( )

I am sure many of you have seen this. There is actually TEXT concerning a little bit on how Humanity came to live in the walls on inside covers of the Visual Manga book, if you haven't seen it, here's the link. I give all credits to the awesome translator. Thank you for your hard work! 

If you can't click the link ( )

I would like to quote on the translation: 

"Unable to match the overwhelming force of the Titans, humanity was forced to sail to a new world. At this time, most of humanity had been annihilated, but the majority of this was at the hands of their fellow humans." 

"In the new world, great walls had previously been prepared."

Assuming that the above is true, we can say that Humanity knew that this was coming, they were prepared for it in advanced! Think about it for awhile, do you really think that three GIGANTIC walls can be built overnight? 

Nope, I don't think so. 

Even if we were to say that the walls were made of Titan's hardening ability, yes it would certainly be faster but the area in the wall is HUGE, there are even mountains in it! So I am going to assume that the minimum time needed for travel and so forth.... Maybe a few month at the very least? A year? I don't know.

But one thing is clear: Humanity saw this coming. 

Well to be more exact, Monarchy saw this coming. If we were to say that they were the true culprits over why Titans were actually created, I think that makes sense.  


Now, we all know that the there are Wall Titans sandwiched within the walls, they are basically used as Pillars to support them. From what I observed, these Wall Titans were not like the ordinary Titan or even an aberrant Titan. They resemble the Colossal Titan no? 

Their massive height and the same skinless features, yeah you know were I am going with this - I strongly believe that the Titans inside the walls are Titan Shifters and that the Walls were actually made of their Hardening ability. 

"Just chilling inside the Walls for the past 107 years..."

With that said, this brings the question: Did the Titans Shifters in the wall become Pillars it willing? Or were they forced to?

I am going to bet that they were forced to. Any one would like to stay sandwiched in the Wall for thousands of years to come? Nope, I don't think so...  Well maybe they are a few valiant good Titan Shifting folks who would play hero and sacrifice themselves for Humanity.

But how longs are the walls? EXTREMELY long. With that said, how many Titan Shifters are needed to become pillars to establish the Walls? 50? 100? Your guess is as good as mine, but what I am trying to say is that the number of Wall Titans needed to create such a large and long wall is probably pretty big.

With that said, this makes me arrive at a conclusion: It's highly unlikely that ALL of the Wall Titans are used as pillars willingly, maybe some are willing, but it's unlikely that all are.

So how did they create the Walls? How do you force Titans Shifters to become Pillars? 

The answer is: The Coordinate. 

There is no specific term for the Titan that possess the Coordinate power... So I am going to call that special Titan the  '
Coordinate Titan Shifter.' (How original, lol). Using it's power, they forced the Titans Shifters to become pillars, and hence, three massive Walls were created - Wall Sina, Wall Rose, Wall Maria.


Obviously somehow their plans use the Coordinate to eliminate all of the Titans did not work otherwise SnK wouldn't even exist now. But the Coordinate did managed to do something - awhile the walls were building, the Coordinate Titan Shifter along with all Titan Shifter/Warriors kept all the mindless Titans away and allowed the surviving humans that came on ships from all parts of the world to seek refuge into the Wall safely.

As I have quoted from the translation before - "Unable to match the overwhelming force of the Titans, humanity was forced to sail to a new world. At this time, most of humanity had been annihilated, but the majority of this was at the hands of their fellow humans." 

Again the quote 'the majority of this was at the hands of their fellow humans' heavily implies that many humans were killed by in Wars that Human started due to differences in beliefs and so forth.

Quote from translation: "Those who gained passage aboard the ships were only a small fraction composed of the rich and powerful."

But you may ask: "If this was the case, then why are there no history of how the Titans came to be?"

Well because, selected bunch of wealthy humans were allowed to live in it to preserve the Human race, but only under the condition that their memories were to be altered using the Coordinate’s powers so that they can hide the truth of the Monarchy's incompetence and allow to king rule over the people without any revolt.

To back that theory up, I am going to quote from our favorite blonde Survey Corps commander with awesome eyebrows.

 Chapter 55 (Page 17)

I would have to agree with Erwin on this one (plus his predictions and theories are dead on most of the times) It's a good explanation for why no one knows how Titans came to be yes?

Chapter 55 (Page 19)

Erwin also theorizes that Eren's Coordinate can be used to alter and manipulate memories. It is very believable theory because he stated that Monarchy only started to want to get their hands on Eren after they heard of his 'Coordinate' powers. It's a very, very reasonable explanation in my opinion. (You go, Erwin!)

But you may ask, why did Monarchy want to alter all the inhabitants memories?

Because, they are the responsible for the creation of Titans and plunging mankind into despair by driving them to the brink of extinction. Would you like to be ruled over someone who had condemned you to live behind walls forever because of their incompetence? 

*Note: The people who once came from the world outside is used to freedom because they did not live in confined Walls before.*

Well, maybe some of you might be fine with that, but surely there would be a few who starts a revolt.

To back that up, I am going to quote from the translation before again: 

"Within these walls are the ideals of humanity." 

"Within these walls, let us create a world eternally without strife."

I would like to stress that the writings in the inside Cover were most likely written by Monarchy themselves, the translation is from the first page in the first Chapter, so these are probably taken from History books that Monarchy distributed. (The History books are filled with lies and made up history, probably also bias towards Monarchy.)

Monarchy in all are just a corrupted bunch of 'fat pigs' (as quoted from Levi, hehe) who only wants to protect their status. If the 'truth' that they were behind the creation of Titans were revealed, the people will all revolt and they would lose everything.

 Chapter 55 (Page 21)

This would also be a plausible explanations to why Monarchy eliminates every one who tries to get to learn the 'truth'. They are afraid of losing their rights to govern, their power, and wealth. Hence this is reason why Erwin's dad was killed because he tried to get 'close to the truth'.

Chapter 55 (Page 31)

Chapter 55 (Page 32)

Everyone to tried to understand about the 'Contradictions in the history books distributed by Monarchy' (Quote by Erwin's dad) is eliminated in order to protect the 'Ideals' of Monarchy and ensure that no revolt would erupt - 'a world eternally without strife'

All the Wall Resident's ancestors who wants to live in the Walls had their memories altered and or erased - this includes their memories of the freedom outside the Walls, the memories of how Monarchy was the cause behind the Titan outbreak that almost wiped out Humanity and so forth...

I believe that the Wall Residents ancestors were willing to have their memories altered since the Walls were the only way to ensure their safety. Imagine if you were to given an ultimatum: Live in the walls and have your memories altered, or stay outside the walls and get devoured by Titans. 

Yeah... So my guess is that the parties were willing to have their memories altered.

Now that we got that out of the way. Let's focus back on my speculation again.


Now we all know that the homeland is a mysterious place outside the walls where it's residents possess a peculiar trait of Titan Shifting. They also call themselves 'Warriors'. Here is my guess on how the Homeland came to be.

As I have stated before, the Wall Titans Shifters were most probably forced against their wills into being pillars. So what about the rest of the 'Warriors' that weren't used for pillars? I mean surely Monarchy had set aside a bunch of Titan Shifter for the purpose of using them as weapons to protect the remaining mankind right?

So I speculated that Monarchy had underestimated the Titan Shifters once again.

Unhappy with their comrades being sacrificed as Pillars to maintain the Walls from being destroyed by Titans and also struck with fear that they would be deposed of after Humanity was protected (like the Beast Titan) – the Titan Shifters rebelled, stealing the first Coordinate Titan Shifter as well as recipe needed to developed serums for Titan Shifter.

The 'Warriors' lived outside the walls in exile, creating what they called the ‘Homeland’. For a nearly a century, they lived in their Homeland safely thanks to their Titan Shifting Powers as well the Coordinate's powers to ward off any Titans.

I assumed this based on fact that Reiner, Bertolt and Annie are desperately searching for this 'Coordinate', hence there is a high possibility that the Coordinate was in their possession for the past couple of years. If not, why are they only searching for Coordinate only after 100 years? It just doesn't make sense to me.

We do know that Titan Shifters age. Eren was injected just after Wall Maria fell and he was just a kid back then. Seeing that he did indeed grow taller and so forth, I assumed that Titan Shifters do age.

*NOTE: This does not apply to Ymir, because she was did not possess any Titan Shifting capablities for the past 60 years. So I guess it's safe to assume that Titans do not age in their Titan Form, but when they revert back to their Human form they do age.*

It's impossible to stay in your Titan Form forever since it's pretty much exhausting and takes a toll on the body (Annie slept for a long time after shifting and based on Hanji Experiments with Eren in Chapter 53, Eren couldn't in stay in his full Titan form for more than an hour). 

Hence, Titan Shifter do age in the end.

 Chapter 10 (Page 35)
 See how short Eren was back then? He was still a kid! He's probably even shorter than Levi! (Sorry, I just can't talk about SnK without a joke or two about our beloved Heichou's height. Keke.)

So assuming that Titan shifters do age, I theorized that Coordinate power was passed to the younger generations for years whenever the host was old, ensuring the continuation of Peace in the homeland. They also injected Titan Shifter powers to selected and specially trained children of the homeland and named them Warriors of the Homeland, who defended their lands from Titans. (As seen in the Anime/Manga, Annie was thought martial arts at a young age by her father.)

But this brings out a question: "Is there only one 'Coordinate'?"

My guess would be yes. Reason being is that Annie and the rest of the kids from the homeland are desperately trying to get their hands on it, so is Monarchy - if there is more than one, why do they need another? 

In all, this 'Coordinate' is the reason why the events in Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin started. (We will come back to this point later)

So based on the speculation that there is only one Coordinate and that Eren gotten his Titans powers and the Coordinate from his father, we have to focus on Dr. Grisha Yeager.

We all know that Dr. Grisha Yeager was the one who gave Eren his powers, so that makes for another question: Just how did Grisha even get his hands on the Coordinate power in the first place?


I am sure that we readers can all agree that Dr. Grisha Yeager is a extremely clever and talented man. He was responsible for saving hundreds of lives from a plague that hit mankind after all. But why does a mere doctor know so much about Titans? 

My guess is that he is once a scientist living in the homeland responsible for developing the Titan Shifting serum, which explains his knowledge on the creating Serums. Though this doesn't explain how he gotten his hands on the Coordinate. 

So this is what I theorized...


If you don't know who the Mysterious Woman, here's a picture of her from Wiki.

Yes, this is the woman in Eren's dreams and the same woman that Historia saw in her dreams. There is no official name for her yet, so she is called 'The Mysterious Woman' in Wikipedia by fans. Not much is known about her, but I theorized that she is the 'Coordinate Titan Shifter'. 

Why you may ask? Well, this theory is based on just two but important hints/clues given to us in the manga so far. 

The mysterious woman was able to erase Historia's memory of meeting her. 

Chapter 54 (Page 8)

If we were to say that she was a Coordinate Titan Shifter, this would make sense as to why she had the power to alter/manipulate Historia's memories. As we theorized before, the Coordinate has the power to change the memories of the ancestors of the Wall residents' when they first came to the Wall. 

Plus, the little 'zap' on Historia head looks like the same as the 'zap' Eren activated when he used his Coordinate power for the first time. (Only smaller and more toned down)

Chapter 50 ( Page 34 )

Now remember the time Dr. Grisha Yeager brutally jabbed a sobbing Eren with the Titan Shifter serum?

Chapter 10 (Page 36)

As quoted - "As for the way to use it, THEIR memories should teach you what you need to know."

*Note: For the 'Use it' part, Grisha is talking about the Titan Shifting Powers he had injected into Eren. I can't upload the whole conversation here because that would make it too long. You can go back to the Chapter 10 for reference.*

Now Isayama-san, thank you for leaving us confused again, when I first read this I was like "What the hell does he mean by THEIR memories?!" But in the recent chapters, I managed to piece together a theory that fits with what Grisha actually meant back then.

Chapter 53 (Page 19)

Firstly, let's focus of the surroundings in the manga scan above. The Mysterious Woman is looking at herself IN the mirror. Ok, then let's look at her background, is there another person there? No. So, Eren is actually seeing her from her own perspective, while she looks into a mirror.

Chapter 53 (Page 20)

Secondly, I want to bring up a point. How can you have a memory of someone you have never met before? It's impossible. Some might argue that "Oh, Eren suffers from memory loss because of the Titan Shifting Serum that Dr. Grisha Yeager injected him with!"

But since a mirror is reflective and that there is CLEARLY no one in the background, the only plausible explanation is that Eren is tapping in The Mysterious Woman's memories. This was what Grisha meant by 'THEIR' memories - along with the Coordinate, some of the memories of the previous Coordinate Titan Shifter were transferred as well!

Is it a mere coincidence that Eren suddenly remembers the Mysterious Woman when he thinks of his father? I think not. Isayama-san does everything for a reason I believe.

My speculation is that, since the Coordinate was once in the hands of the homeland people, and Grisha was from the homeland as I theorized earlier. Both the Mysterious Woman and Grisha Yeager came from homeland, and somehow ended up meeting in the Walls. I am guessing that they fled to the Walls together to make it seem more realistic.

I know what some of you are thinking right now: "Are you trying to tell me that Eren real mom is This Mysterious Woman?"

No, because I have nothing to back that up with. Sure, the Mysterious Woman might be a little identical to Eren from physical traits like her black hair and eyes, but that is it. You can choose what you want to believe in. Maybe she is, maybe she is not. Honestly, I am not sure myself because there is so little information about her.

With that said, I do not think that the Mysterious Woman and Grisha are in love either. My reason is  that the timeline of the events just do not add up together. 

Historia is the same age as Eren: 15 (I just wiki-ed it, and googled for their official Character sheets to double confirm). If the Mysterious Woman met Historia when she was younger, this means that Eren would have already been born since he is the same age as her. So it's safe to say the Mysterious Woman is still alive at this point.

I am guessing that Historia would probably be like... 9 - 10 years old or something. If this was the case, why did Eren live with his Kalura Yeager instead of the Mysterious Woman? If Grisha loved the Mysterious Woman, he would have been with her instead right? 

Maybe something happened between them... But I can't say for sure. Maybe Kalura adopted him? Maybe the Mysterious Woman altered Eren's memories of her? You are free to come up with your own guesses because for this, I have no clue.  

But if the Mysterious Woman is a Coordinate Titan Shifter, then she probably has some relationship with Grisha because in the end, the Coordinate powers ends up in his hands after all.
By assuming that both Dr. Grisha Yeager and the Mysterious Woman were originally from the Homeland and they fled to the Walls together. It makes for another glaring question.

Why did they run from the homeland and to the Wall?

From the little interactions that we have seen with this two very mysterious characters, we can tell they have a relatively good and kind-hearted nature. Grisha saved many from humans from the plague and the Mysterious Woman teaches Historia how to read and tells her to become a kind person.

So, I have theorized they fled the Walls because of a common idealistic dream: They wanted to eradicate all Titans from earth so that Humanity could live in freedom again.

But of course, the people of the Homeland shunned their ideals because they were merely a small group of people, there was no way that they could face off that many Titans. 

Do take note that the people of the Homeland did not share the Coordinate powers or Titan Shifting serums with the people of within the Walls. This was something that both Grisha and the Mysterious Woman did not agree, believing that all the remaining Humanity must unite together in order to fight Titans.

Motivated by their goals, Dr. Grisha Yeager and the Mysterious Woman fled to the Walls where Humanity had built and changed their names, going into hiding. 

Because there is so little known about these two Characters, I am just going to assume that the Mysterious Woman died by some cause. Dr. Grisha Yeager extracted the ‘Coordinate’ powers from her and made it into a serum, he experimented on it in his basement before that he injected into Eren. (I will explain why I speculated this later when we move on to Annie & co).  


One of the main and most aggravating mystery surrounding Shingeki No Kyojin is the reason why Annie and the rest wanted to destroy the Wall and wipe out Humanity out of the blue.

I mean, Humanity lived in peace for a century right? So why are the people of the Homeland suddenly attacking humanity after a long period of peace?

Well, remember how I said that the 'Coordinate' is the reason why the events in Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin started? Yeah well, this is where this fits in. 

Back in the Homeland, its inhabitants were in a panic because the Coordinate powers were stolen from them since it was one of the ways they ensured peace by warding off all approaching Titans. Also they feared that Humanity might try to use the 'Coordinate' power and order the Titan Shifters in the homeland to become new Walls in order to expand their territory. 

But with that said, they couldn’t possibly go after Grisha and the Mysterious Woman because the walls were made of Titans Shifters, hence they can’t break it down and their Titan Form did not have enough power to destroy the gates. 

After years of living in fear and their members depleting each time a Titan attacked. Four of their Warriors had received unique and extremely powerful Titan forms when injected (Each form is different and varied from person to person, as seen by all the current Titan Shifters) and were sent off on a mission to retrieve back the Coordinate.

Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Marcel (who Ymir ate) were these selected children. Annie’s father was devastated when their leader decided that she would be sent back to the Walls on a mission to retrieve back the Coordinate (this would mean killing humans) and apologies to his daughter for being too greedy and injecting the serum into her because he wanted her to be able to protect herself from Titans.

 Chapter 33 (Page 36) 

Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Marcel were burderned with the task of retrieving back the Coordinate. This is their 'Mission', I am assuming that they wan't to Kill Humans, they were forced to by their parents and the people of their homeland. 

Perhaps they were threatened to leave the Homeland and travel to the Wall for the Mission, or maybe the leaders of their homeland held their family hostages, but one thing for sure, the four Warriors did not want to kill humans and are guilt - stricken.

Just look at Annie's shocked wide eyed expression.
Chapter 33 (Page 37)

Chapter 33 (Page 38)

Page 46 (Page 27)
 Poor Reiner, I feel for you. 

I really don't think that Reiner and the rest want to go on the Mission to the Walls to get back the Coordinate, this would obviously mean killing humans. But perhaps they really didn't have a choice.

Chapter 50.1 (Page 2)

The above conversation shows that Reiner and the rest really didn't have a choice. They couldn't return "empty-handed". They were probably victims as well. So I am going to assume that the four Warriors are actually good-people at heart and not the true antagonist here. (I admit, I am a little bias because I like them, but hey! I have reasons to believe it!)

Chapter 47 (Page 8)

Their 'Mission' is fairly simple: Retrieve back the Coordinate at all cost, regardless of the casualties. 

Sent off from their mission, they launched a desperate attack on Humanity to draw out the Coordinate, breaking down Wall Maria and unleashing Titans into the walls. They didn’t know if the Coordinate power had been passed on and there was no way of detecting who has it. For all they knew, it could be any human by now.  

So with this in mind, they released the Titans into the Wall, hoping that if the Titans consumed all the humans, they would eventually devour the Coordinate power, and then the Titan Shifters could easily consume the Titan, hence gaining back the Coordinate power either way. The attack on Humanity was also meant as a way to draw out the Coordinate Titan, there's a high like-hood that the Mysterious Woman would transform and fight them in order to protect the resident in the Walls.

This mission proved unsuccessful when the Coordinate Power was nowhere in Wall Maria and there was no appearance of the Coordinate Titan. Feeling immense guilt after seeing helpless humans devoured Titans because of their selfish inhumane mission, they opted for a different approach.

The small homeland group infiltrated the Walls and joined as soldiers – to gain information on the Wall Cult (they knew for a fact that there are still people aka Monarchy who knew about the true Origins of Titans and hence, know about the Coordinate power).

 Chapter 47 (Page 8)

Infiltrating as soldiers also meant that they could gather information on how the Military works because they are after all, outcast and villains in the walls. 

During in this time, Dr. Grisha Yeager, feeling guilt and regret that his actions had caused many lives. He injected the Coordinate power into his son, Eren Yeager telling him that ‘their’ memories will teach him out to use it. His purpose is for Eren to free Humanity from Titans and to prevent the selfish Homeland people from obtaining it selfishly for their own use (note that the people of the homeland did not share their powers with the people in the walls).

 Page 10 (Chapter 34)

What is probably in the basement is true History of the Titans, as well as serums for Titans Shifting. I have a theory about how Shingeki No Kyojin will end and some minor plot mysteries like the whole Ackerman/Oriental theory, but let's save that for another article.

At this point either: Grisha gets consumed by Eren and dies, hence unlocking his Titan powers or he goes into hiding. 

For three years, Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Marcel trained as Soldiers, but they secretly investigated the Wall Cult, hoping that they could gain some information about the Coordinate. But unfortunately, it seems that the Wall Cult doesn't even know that the Coordinate are within the Walls.

So, they launched another desperate attack on Humanity once again. This time kicking down Wall Trost in hopes to lure the Coordinate Titan out.

Chapter 27 (Page 7)

During the battle of Trost District and breach of Wall Rose, Eren Yeager transforms into his Titan form and the homeland team. Finally getting a lead somewhere, they plotted their next attack which is to retrieve Eren as he is suspected to be the 'Coordinate Titan'. This would also solve the puzzle in why they stopped midway their attack.


This is pretty much self-explanatory, we all know that Monarchy is not desperately trying to get their hands on Eren after they discovered that he is 'Coordinate'.

Chapter 57 (Page 7)
This heavily implies that some of the higher ups (Perhaps Rod Reiss himself) have Titan Shifting abilities. Dr. X was still alive when the Warriors of the Homeland rebelled, so he could have developed more serums for Monarchy in case the Warrior were to ever attack.

Some of you might argue: "If Monarchy has Titan Shifters on their side, then why didn't they just launch a attack on the Homeland and gain back the Coordinate?"

Well, this is because it is heavily implied that Coordinate power is most SUPERIOR form of Titan Shifting powers. 
Chapter 50 (Page 44) 

The above picture only proves just how powerful the Coordinate power is - it easily overwhelmed Reiner the Armored Titan by getting all the mindless Titans to attack him. Reiner and Bertolt hardly made it out alive even with Ymir's help. So obviously, Monarchy couldn't be reckless and attack the Homeland. The Coordinate power would simply overwhelm them.
To sum it all up in the end: The entire plot revolves around a battle between Monarchy, the Survey Corps and Homeland for the 'Coordinate' powers.

Thank you for reading!

I would like to say again that these are all just PURE speculations that I have derived out of all the clues and hints given so far on the manga. I am not saying that I am right in anyway! I brainstormed abit on this, it's like a puzzle with a lot of missing pieces. I hope I didn't miss any major mystery or left any major plot holes.

To be honest, I came up with this theory for my Fanfiction that I am currently writing because I wanted a rather believable plot. So, I re-read the entire Manga and spend a day piecing together clues and stuff and ended up with this. LOL.

Please do understand that there are just too many plot holes in the Shingeki No Kyojin manga and there are so little hints, so I can not say for sure that I am very confident in my speculations/theories. I did try to do my best with what I had though. 

You can choose to believe this theory or dismiss it as being too far fetched.

Isayama-san is known for his jarring plot twist, so just who knows how the Manga would end? (:

Have a fantastic day everyone!



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    2. I agree, but it would not be outside that realm of possibilities that Grisha is a direct descendant of Dr. X. A normal scientist could accomplish such feats, but passing the knowledge down to your direct descendants would be more effective. It would explain his understanding of Titan physiology and his knowledge of Titan serums.

    3. Well, that is a very possible theory as well (: . If that was the case, then perhaps he could have met the Mysterious Woman within the Walls somehow in the story and managed to obtain the Coordinate from her! Thanks for sharing!

    4. titan shifters may age, but not in titan form. (SPOILER) Ymir is a titan shifter, and she spent about 60 years outside the wall in titan form, and didn't age at all.

    5. Ymir was a Normal Titan before she ate Marcel.
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    7. If Dr. Jeager is Dr. X maybe he had the beast titan turn him into a titan and then ate a human shifter therefore being human again... once he realized how bad this has gone he gave eren the key to his lab so he could search for something to fix this mess while he left to go to the original lab to search as well. (Sorry if I am missing info I'm not up to date with the manga)

    8. I think dr x is the mentor of dr jeager,because of her knowledge about the serum extraction,grisha and the mysterious women is from the homeland..they both flee to get in to the wall and change human history but before arriving inside the wall,the mysterious women use and memory erase ability to dr jeager,maybe to not get involve of the mysterious girl plan..then after the memory erasing cptn keith found dr jeager outside the wall without any memory..just a thought

    9. I think Grisha must be at least related to "Dr. X" or the original history/origin of the titans from 100 years ago. We've seen bits of his story where he turned up outside the wall with seemingly no idea of the workings of inside the wall, and no understanding of what life inside the wall was like (This is from the Manga), which definitely implies he was one of those mindless titans like Ymir was, wandering aimlessly until he probably consumed a titan-shifter. No matter how brilliant a scientist or doctor someone is, it is hard to believe Grisha would know SO MUCH about the titans without having some serious inside knowledge-- either through being directly involved with the creation of the titans, or closely involved, or at the very least simply being around 100 years ago when the creation happened.

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    4. I also like the whole theory. There's anyway still a point he recognises to be uncertain. "How Dr. Jäger obtained the coordinated ?"
      My answer ist he killed the Mysterious Women (member of the Ress by the way); or may be should I say he trasfirmed and ate her, thus gaining her Powers.

      Bravo!! You have that thing beeing ablebto know exactly where your theories are more likely to be false. And all you've said is so freaking logic. By the way I do like the 3 kids too, Annie Leonhard at least :)

    5. You know, you took those words out of my mouth. When I first saw Eren's first flashback of memories other than his own, I thought, that's can't be right. The Mysterious Woman? His sister? Or was he once a girl? Or did he somehow share memories with someone we don't already know? None of my initial thoughts I thought were to be correct. First of all, he was the only child of Dr. Grisha and Carla Yeager. With Mikasa Ackerman as his adopted sister, to boot. I also doubted that he was a girl and lived separate lives, living a life of "Jerkell and Hyde", but less evil and more good. After all, he spent most of his life after the Fall of Wall Maria among his friends, and later in the trainee barracks. Him missing would have noticed by his friends and his superiors. Sharing memories, however was another matter...

      This was when Historia's memories came into being. As we saw, Historia was visited by the Mysterious Woman in her dreams. It was the same woman that was in Eren's "memories" who appeared in the mirror through the view of the Mysterious Woman. Historia, naturally, has no memories of the Mysterious Woman that came to visit her in her childhood, only to appear in her dreams and finally remembering them after touching Eren in the Reiss chapel basement. At this point, Rod reveals to his daughter that Frieda was her half sister who secretly visited Historia and erased Historia's memory of her. Frieda was later eaten by Eren's father the day Wall Maria fell. Later that day, Grisha was eaten by Eren, therefore inheriting Frieda's memories.

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  15. I believe that Grisha and the mysterious women are related in some way. maybe she can be eren's aunt or something because I see a resemblance of Carla in eren and also a resemblance of the mysterious women so they can be related?

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  18. This theory, though great, seems a little light in one big aspect: the transfer of powers between Titans and Titan Shifters via consumption. Note Ymir on Marcel, Gresha on that Reiss girl, and Eren on Gresha. Where does this fit for you? Also, could the Reiss girl's special power have been the Coordinate? That explains how it comes to Eren, but pokes holes in your theory.

  19. Hey, first of all, thanks for putting all this together. With the new chapter out some of the content will change (the need to consume Titan Shifters to gain their powers/ the seeming lack of serum that will transform humans into anything other than mindless titans). Also I'm theorizing that Annie actually had to eat her mother to gain her powers. But great job. Just a note about the beast titan and titans walking at night: The newly transformed titans, and probably also the beast titan, were able to walk around that night because of the full moon. Titans gain energy from the sun, and a full moon would reflect a lot of sunlight. Therefore I think Titans CAN walk around at night, but only on a full moon or near-full moon on a cloudless night.

  20. So about the whole."minor plot mysteries like the whole Ackerman/Oriental theory" have you written an article about that because i would love to read it! :) great job on this article btw!

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    1. The theory has some minor faults but it has been nearly perfect until now (chap 73)

  22. science? realistic? nigga you watch too many anime. seriously. I enjoy AOE a lot. and some of your "theories" are quiet interesting. bud realistic this shit not. a 3d maneuver gear will is scientifically impossible ..ya know because of the G force.

    1. I'll make it short: Speed (gaz), use of environnement (trees, bilduings), run as soon als possible instead of wasting gaz to fight G, and finally cricular moves arround fixed objects (in special cases e.g upper curves, one cans use centrifugal Force at his own advantage to nullify G, depend again on Speed).

      Episode 7 11:50-12:30 Armin: "nomatter how skilled you're, without mobility you're as good as dead"

  23. Wow. You guessed some of them correctly. The Mysterious Woman is indeed the Coordinate, Frieda Reiss. I'd love to see your new theories after the newest chapter (65) comes out. You'd have to change and update some of the theories here, though. But you do have sharp eyes :D

  24. You guess was insanely accurate. With the release of five chapters since you posted this it is shown that Frieda Reiss, the mystery woman, was indeed the Coordinate. I think that perhaps the "Warriors" may have fled from the Reiss family because of the construction of the walls, but were kept at bay by the Coordinate's powers and kept from attacking the walls head on. When Grisha took her powers though, the Warriors found an opening to attack and try to take the Coordinate power for themselves. It seems the Warriors' wish to simply take the power to save their Homeland, trusting their four prodegies, Reiner, Bertolt, Annie, and Marcel. Marcel is eaten by Ymir and the remaining three begin the attack on Shiganshina district and in the panic sneak in in their human forms. Unable to activate the Coordinate power Grisha allows himself to be eaten by Eren after they attack the walls, knowing that the Monarchy will be searching for him. For years the three search for the Coordinate, but to no avail. They begin investigating the Wall Cult and enter the military to further search for the Coordinate. Until the attack on the Trost district, they have no clue who the Coordiante is. Then Eren shows his titan shifting abilities and they begin to investigate him. I find it interesting that Annie is also able to utilize a Coordiante-like ability in that she calls titans to consume her titan form when captured by the Survey Corps in the Forest of Giant Trees, which would indicate to me that the Warriors took some form of the Coordinate ability, perhaps a earlier version?, when they fled. Theories, so many theories. I cannot wait for chapter 66 to come out so that we can learn if Levi is Kenny's nephew, and if Historia will eat Eren. I think she will, as that is what he wants. Mikasa sure as hell won't stand for it, though. I wonder when the Warriors will come into play again. I'd like to know their back story.

    1. Oh my god. I just got an insane theory. I think Frieda and Grisha were once part of the homeland, and Frieda was chosen to be the new Coordinate, a position of great honor and responsibility among their people. But Frieda didn't want the responsibility, so after getting the power she fled with Grisha's help. Afterwards, Grisha was punished by having his memory temporarily taken and being exiled from the homeland. In the end, he goes to the walls, wanting to find Frieda, but instead falls in love with Karla and settles down as a doctor. Eventually, though, when Maria falls, he realizes that the Coordinate must be returned to the homeland, so he has to kill Frieda and bring the Coordinate to the Warriors. What do you think?

    2. Freida was from a Reis clan
      So it means that Freida is a Simple girl who is an inheritor of the first king's ideology
      She didn't live outside the wall
      Reis clan is a semi noble clan so they all live in Wall Sina

  25. Very good assumption. Everything makes sense. I just have one question. What is the difference between the Beast Titan and Coordinate. They both control other normal titans. Perhaps the length of time and the ability to manifest them. However going by your theory Beast Titans were created first with the mistake that they created too many titans or could no control the amount after a while. So the Coordinate was created to fully maximize this power. Yet currently the power does not pertain to titan shifters. Naturally if you create something its always better than the last via beta vs alpha. With that said, lets imagine a 1v1 fight between titan shifter and coordinate. There is no difference. So perhaps we can assume there are other much stronger titans out there that are currently stationary and can be controlled. Bertolt Hoover cannot just be the largest titan ever. Going back to the Beast titan, why did it decide to attack now? It is not on the same side as the "homeland" of titan shifters. My guess is there is a third party and they may be the real enemies of humanity. This is a stretch but the Walls all 3 could just be a cage/lab experiment built by the same creators as the Beast titan third party to assess human activity otherwise i don't see why the Beast titan wouldn't just annihilate all the humans. All in all, anything and everything that happens within the walls is all failures with no progression or advancement in technology or research, deaths only amount to pity and rarely anger. Anyway thanks for writing all of this it satisfied my temporary shingekinokyojin knowledge!

  26. I'm Davy.This article is superb.MY FAVORITE ANME AND MANGA.Everything makes sense.Monarchy vs homeland vs survey corpse.Homeland and survey corpse will most likely team up and destroy rod reiss(or monarchs).Hopefully they stay together to eradicate the mindless titans left from this 200 years conflict.

  27. No one mentioned anything about the flowers - the red ones. They were by Eren's house and they popped up again when Eren protected Armin and Mikasa from the cannon. The serum contains those flowers. Also, Titans and flowers both need sunlight and have regenerative powers, they also don't have pain…

    When watching the anime again look for really subtle clues. Like when Armin was on the boat escaping the first attack (when they were little kids), he sees Eren's expression when coming on the boat (after seeing his mom eaten) and a stranger says, "poor kid he must be traumatized" . He was talking about Eren. How did the stranger know, and how did he single out Eren? Armin looked at him like huh? And the guy had a gray beard and looked homeless and was semi-covering the top of his face with a hoody.. who is this guY??

  28. :have you read ATTACK ON TITAN: BEFORE THE FALL?? Here's the link to it : . maybe you can add some assumptions based o this,, it's a 10 chapter manga.

    Set 70 years before the beginning of the manga. The story has two settings with two different main characters: 1. Anheru works at a workshop creating protective gear/weapons for the scouting legion (the story is set before the 3D maneuver gear was invented). Anheru is a first class weapons craftsman, and therefore has direct access and also is involved in the ongoings within the scouting legion. In the story, people still didn't know about the weak points of the titans; the story is about Anheru beginning to work on the ultimate weapon/gear to fight the titans. So essentially we learn about how the 3D maneuver gear came about. 2. A baby is found crying in a mass of Titan vomit, amidst the dead titan flames. The child is known as "The Child of Titans", and is essentially hated by the people inside the walls. He also seems to grow unnaturally fast. Named Kyukuro, he parts himself from his past/upbringing and gambles on the fate of humanity by enlisting in the scouting legion. Later on, Kyukuro manages to survive outside the wall, and in order to defeat the titans, gets his hands on the 3D manuever gear. Although the gear is still imperfect and causes a troublesome incident for Kyukuro, he fights the titans. Whether it is because it is his fate to fight them, or it is because of his past, he fights against them - See more at:

  29. So I have a theory.

    If "normal" Titans can eat Titan Shifters and gain their ablities, I believe that Titan Shifters can eat other Titan Shifters and gain their ablities. This leads to my conclusion that since Grisha ate Frieda he gained the Coordinate. Then when Eren first transformed he ate Grisha, giving Eren the Coordinate. Eren couldn't automatically use it because he was just transformed and his memory was wiped. When he discovered his Titan ablities, he developed enough to where he could use the Coordinate.

    Now as for the whole running away from the Homeland together, I believe they left separately. I believe they both left for the same reason (they did not agree with the way the Homeland decicded not to help mankind) but Frieda left and met the Reiss family and was taken by their beliefs, while Grisha left with the serum and its recipe by his own beliefs. He probably went to stop Frieda from helping Rod Reiss because he was not planning to help humanity. The only way he could stop her was by eating her and killing the family so it wouldn't happen again. Since she was the Coordinate, Grisha received the power after eating her.

    After the fall of Wall Maria, Grisha decided to inject Eren with the serum so he could help mankind. He knew Eren planned to join the military, so he knew Eren would fight for mankind with his power. Eren lost control after being injected and ate his father. Since he ate Grsiha, he got the Coordinate.

    Other than this, I believe that your predictions are very accurate. I just felt I should point this out to you cause it seems like a very likely way of this happening. I know I don't have evidence supporting everything I state here but I believe this theory a bit more plausible than the one you stated.

    1. I don't believe that Freida was raise outside the wall
      I believed that Rod was Freida's father
      So for the runaway thingy was kind a Meh

      And also I think that Grisha was the one who said that Eren could eat him

  30. If I were to hazard a guess I would say that irvin's father is monkey titan. They both possess similar hair and round glasses. The fucked up left arm could have been from the time dad irvin was being tortured by mp

    I believe Chekhov's gun will take place in these circumstances. Perhaps maneuver gear was not invented until after dad irvin was saved(or whatever) by the unknown third party. Just a simple guess but feel free to let me know if I turn out to be correct

    1. plus the line down the center of the chest is similar. He is just more stonch now.

    2. I agree with this-- not only do they have similar features (the blonde hair, the glasses, similar facial hair), but the beast titan has that big scar on his left arm, and we saw when Erwin Smith's dad is being tortured, he is burned on his left arm. Same spot. (
      It seems like an awfully big coincidence, too big to overlook.

      Of course, at the same time, the Beast titan doesn't seem to have much knowledge of inside the walls. I'm basing that off of his not being sure that he could speak the same language as humans. Plus, it's a pretty big leap to go from teacher to cold-blooded killer, which is more-or-less how the Beast titan acts. And to our knowledge Erwin's dad was killed by the military police.

      Again, it does seem to close to be a mere coincidence, it will be interesting to see how everything is pieced together and revealed.

    3. Also, for quick reference, here's the picture of the beast titan's human form:

  31. I have a theory that Titans, all Titans, were bio-weapons developed by some humans. The fact that a titan-shifters true body exists in the base of the neck, right where the kill spot for Titans are seems to support this.

    I think that normal Titans are flawed Titan-Shifters or something similar. They realize that they do not have a human inside them and they are attempting in some kind of auto-pilot mode to get a pilot/operator. With their biology the only way to get someone 'inside' them is to eat them. They eat someone, but don't get the person to pilot them the way they are supposed to and continue to eat more.

  32. I think the beast titan is Erwins father because the guy that stepped out of the beast titan in chapter 70 has the same glasses as him ,the same sort of beard shape as erwin and we didn't actually see Erwins father die.However it is more likely that it is erens grandfather or some other family member since the facial features are the same as grisha and alot of other reasons that have already been written down.

  33. wow great read long post. Mikasa Ackerman fan here, and i love her to death .. lol

  34. Nice article , even if isnt the real truth is something to hold on!

  35. Well you guys should just read up to the latest manga. Some of the "guesses" in this article will be almost answered. Ahahahah. Good article tho. Kudos to the author. (y)

  36. I like your theory
    But the "Mystery Woman" thingy kinda tangled it a bit

  37. WOWWW.. Mind blown. Thank you for that!! -bows- A thing needed to be said tho.. Isayama wrote the ending just before the story got good.. But after it got famous... He changed it again. I really wonder what was to be changed.. Cx



    1. Bro the author wrote this theory last year so just calm down.

  40. omfg mind blown! the amount of sense is uncanny.

    also note, why titants randomly go to eat other humans?

    Imagine if somehow, the humans who became titans were promised to return to their normal state, but surely they were deceived, and somehow they knew the only way to get back to their human form is by eating other titan shifters, maybe thats why the despperately are eating other humans, to become humans themselfs and get out of that curse.

    But with so many loop holes i just dont know. this is all so crazyyyyy blpblpblpblpblpblp

  41. So mikasa,kenny and levi are all blood related..
    Is there a theory about the serum that kenny gave to levi??

    1. Imagine levi turning into a titan *_* But the serum was given to hange-san to figure out it's components

  42. How about this, the walls were made not to keep just the titans out, but the world as well.
    This is my theory, that the world outside is at war, and the Titans, if all of them are originally humans, are actually weapons, Bio-weapons!
    But only a specific bloodline can be turned into Titans. Thus, what if the people inside the walls are not just humans, but experimental subjects, worse slaves. The original king of the walls thus, wanting his people to be free, decided to protect them by keeping them away from the outside world. Also, what if it is not the Reiss family that is the king's blood line, but the Ackerman bloodline? It would explain Levi and Mikasa's superior fighting skills as that of a superior bloodline tasked with keeping the Reiss family in check, but when the walls went up, the king changed the memories, so that the Reiss fmaily would be royalty and the Ackerman family would be a noble branch.

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    3. Partly agree with you. The king made the reiss bloodline royalty probably to LIMIT the power of Ackerman? Maybe at that time in history the ackerman so overwhelmed with their superior fighting skills and have ambition rule the world once they obtain the coordinate? Hence, I assume the king passed his power to the reiss, and made the ackerman and the eastern people immune to it is for them to control each other and to balance the world (we have little clue about the eastern people). One thing i could not understand is why the Reiss, with the memories of original king, don't want to use the power to control titans and free human.
      Also, i think Eren is actually the reiss's. Not only he used the Coordinate power (he can't use it at will since he isn't a rightful heir of it, and remember, he used it when he was with Mikasa, an easterner, indicating the three bloodlines have some bonds), and somehow Reiner, Ymir, ... think the power should never be in Eren's hand (they know he could use it because he is Reiss's).

  43. This was great! For a while now I have felt a bit lost since it is difficult to piece together all of the little clues that keep revealing themselves. My main concern coming here was why the homeland was battling against humanity when they are still technically human as well. I hadn't realized that securing Eren was their only goal. I thought they had to have other goals since they attacked Wall Maria. However, it would make total sense that they did so in order to lure the Coordinate Titan out. It also makes sense that if the shifters were mistreated by the monarchy that they would want to get some sort of revenge, or at least take the monarchy out of power. If that really is their goal and they have no intention of hurting humans beyond their attack on Wall Maria back then, then I don't understand why they don't just team up with the Survey Corps. Together they could kill off the normal titans and overtake the monarchy (since the Survey Corps and them are definitely not getting along). And then Historia can just rule over a period of peace and repopulation. Of course things will not turn out that nicely, I'm sure.

  44. One issue still remains and that's eren's dream at the very beginning both in the manga and the anime. In the beginning Eren clearly see's things that haven't happened yet- i.e his mothers death (anime) and mikasa with shorter hair saying "see you later, even". He then wakes up saying it felt like he had a REALLY LONG DREAM and then he starts to cry.

    Than later we see even dreaming again - about his dad the needle and the key, and now we know that his dad injected him he turned titan and ate his dad to become a shifter and get the coordinate - so we know that events in his dream actually happened and he forgot because of the serum. So wtf was his first dream about? I would say the events happened and he forgot them but we clearly see his mother dying (anime) and when he wakes up in the manga, he tells mikasa that her hair should've been longer so clearly - the events in the "dream" couldn't have happened yet (by yet i mean at the start of the series) since his mother was still alive and mikasa had long hair and wasn't in the military yet.

    So I agree with most everything you've already posted but the entire plot hasn't been explained by your theory since this tidbit still makes no sense. I've thought of everything thing I could and as much as I hate the time travel/the end is the beginning theory it does technically work. Why would eren have knowledge of things that haven't happened yet? (How did he see his mothers death, and why was mikasa's hair longer and in a military uniform) - why did his dream feel really long, why wake up crying when those things that he's crying about haven't happened yet! No one can figure it out yet!

    1. You sir just made me watch the 1 - 2 chapter.

  45. Hey! I love your theories and it's been more than a year now since you released this post. Any updates on the plot and your theories?

  46. Maybe the titans have sort of non-aging power, so maybe the reason the wall titans still stay in the walls is because they would die instantly if they shifted back into human form :o

  47. I looove this theory! It totally makes sense and the clips you use to support your theory?! Ugh, amazing! I truly think your theories are true on the whole AoT story and just get more excited about the series as every month comes out with a new chapter. I just wish they would speed it up, but I understand it takes time..

  48. I looove this theory! It totally makes sense and the clips you use to support your theory?! Ugh, amazing! I truly think your theories are true on the whole AoT story and just get more excited about the series as every month comes out with a new chapter. I just wish they would speed it up, but I understand it takes time..

  49. My theory:

    I believe that the people that have been residing inside the walls for a 100 years are in fact a carefully selected population based on ethnicity. The founders of the "city within in the walls" were titan shifters, or at least some of them where. They also knew how to create the bloodthirtsy "normal" titans that we know. We know for a fact that normal people can be turned into titans( Connies mom) and that humans is likely the foundation in the titan-creating process( ymir was a titan, then "reverted back" to a human after she ate someone with the ability of shifting, that means that the titans are humans turned Titans). So, the founders created titans from humans in order to wipe out the humans of the world. The founders knew that they could survive this "katharsis"(cleaning) of the human population because they had the ability of shifting, but more importantly: the ability to control/coordinate the titans( Reiss family, the real Royal family) on their side. So, they unleashed the titans upon the world and with the help of titan shifters they built 3 walls to protect a certain amount of people( shifters using the "harden" ability Eren used to close the hole in the wall, they were using it shoulder to shoulder/holding hands to create the round shaped walls). They chose to preserve a certain population within their walls, this population was selected based on ethnicity. Inside the walls we have only seen white people. No black, asian or any other ethnicity have been shown, with 1 exception, Mikasa. Mikasa is the only one seen so far with any other ethnicity than white, and she is half-blooded. This leads me to believe that the founders wanted to create a "pure" Utopia only consisting of white people. They created the Titans, mass murdered 90% of the worlds population and then preserved only white people. This genocide is unforgivable, and the population inside the walls could not know, only the founders had to know of this, so they used Reiss memory manipulation ability erase these memories from the entire population( except from the founders) and then created a fake history for the mass to believe, suddenly the founders had created a Utopia with a population that believed in the fake history that the founders created. There was 1 problem though. In the manga( I don't remember exactly where) it is stated that Reiss memory manipulation cannot be used on titan shifters. Therefore, the founders memory could not be erased. Amongst the founders there were those who rejected the idea of mass genocide against the human population and opposed the creation of the walls and considered the Utopia to be a Dystopia, these people were possibly 1. sent in exile 2. chose to leave. I believe these people are the founders of "The Village" where Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie etc. comes from. In "The Village" they pass down the titan-shifting abilities to the most qualified children, so that these children can become soldiers with 1 purpose: Destroy the "Dystopia" inside the walls. I believe that "The Village" not only wants to bring down the city inside the walls, but they want save the population inside too. The founders of "The Village" were among the founders of the "Wall-city", they know that the people inside have had their minds manipulated by the Coordinator titan. In order to save these people, the need to make them remember, remember the true history. How do they do that? They get their hands on Eren, the boy possessing the coordinator power. "The Village" want to use eren to revert the memory-erasing process and save the people inside the walls and destroy what they consider an Dystopia.

  50. Great theory, actually tied together a few things that I was thinking myself. There are a few things that have been debunked with your theory as the new manga's came out.

    1.The beast titan is a shifter and does have a human form (oddly resembles Eren's father down to his very glasses)

    2. There are two titans that posses the coordinate, the beast titan (he coordinated the attack on that castle in the 9th manga) and Eren.

    3. The mystery woman is Frieda Reiss who was eaten by Eren's dad to gain the coordinate power.

    Here is my own theory about why titans eat humans. I believe titans eat humans because they are constantly looking for shifters to eat so that they may return to human form. Although your theory makes me question my own, I feel like your theory and mine are the only two logical theory's.

  51. Just saying, you guys are really close with your theories, so, there was a guy who got fired from the Manga creating company, so he gave some spoilers. AKA the origins of the titans.
    A long time ago, there was a scientist who discovered a way to transform humans into titans, but, his research frightened many people. So, one night, when he was in his lab, they burnt down his house, killing his wife, and children as he watched in horror. He was so mad, he started to think that humanity was the cancer to his problems, he took the formula he made to create titans, and put it in random people's water source, when they drank this water mixture, they were transformed into titans, the Scientist made the formula in such a way, the humans that are in the nape, lose their knowledge,(but sometimes it stays with them) so that they don't know if they are doing wrong, the Scientist gave the morphing formula to his followers and himself which means they won't die of age. Eren's father was also a follower but realized that he was doing wrong, and betrayed the Scientist. The Scientist therefore executed Eren's father.

    1. Wat?!? Is dis true :p r u trollin' us :/ :|

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  53. holy s**t, that was some good stuff

  54. Here's my theory...

    It is said that the titans were originally humans,right?

    Well,what if because of this, the titans want to revert back into humans. To do this is by devouring a titan-shifter. In the manga, Ymir used to be a titan and during those times when she was still a titan, Ymir ate Reiner and Bertholt's friend, Marcel, who is a titan-shifter. Once she devoured Marcel, she had been reverted back into a human. Thus why the titans are after humans. I think it's their instinct to hunt down humans solely to revert back into them.

    I don't know though, this is all just speculation.

    Thanks for taking time in reading this

  55. Hi! I really like the theories your came up with for this post. Although by now we know that certain parts aren't correct (like the Mysterious Woman was actually Krista's sister, she didn't come to the walls with Grisha, etc.), you did an extremely good job in predicting other parts that hadn't yet happened when you wrote this.

    There is something that I've been thinking about though: by now, we know that the Beast Titan can not only create mindless titans, but also control them. So why is the Coordinate such a big deal? Can the Beast Titan only control the titans it creates?

  56. This really sums up all the mysteries of Shingeki No Kyojin, nice job :)

  57. This really sums up all the mysteries of Shingeki No Kyojin, nice job :)

  58. This was good. You should really consider updating this with new theories. Considering some of the stuff you theorized ended up being true I'm impressed. One thing I wonder is how much canon is in the Attack on Titan live action movie? In the movie it is said that all of this isn't taking place in some alternate past (hence the castles and cannons). But actually in the future. In the movie they say that mankind was constantly at war and made the Titans as a weapon. They then lost control of the weapon and in turn had to flee behind the walls to protect themselves. Maybe this is why we are in year 850? Maybe that means this story takes place in the year 2866 using our real life calendar. It is 850 years since the Titans were created and man fought each other using titans and advanced war tech until it got so out of hand we almost annihilated each other. So 107 years ago the walls are created to stop us from destroying ourselves.

    Assuming that is true my thoughts are that man had killed much of itself off from war and made it worse by unleashing the titans. We know that some families and the Asians could not be controlled by the coordinate. So the King made this walled city to protect mankind but wiped out their memories in order to prevent them from making the same mistakes. For some reason only a certain race of white people had the genes which allowed for mind control. Of course some of them could not have their memories erased. As stated in the manga these people were given a choice, to either obey and not pass on their memories or be destroyed. Those that obeyed were given power and status while those that didn't either got destroyed OR escaped to form "the village".

    The people in the village realized that the humans in the walls are being caged in, along with the Reiss family that holds the coordinate. I think the "warriors" want to get the coordinate so they can finally destroy all the Titans and let humanity start over again. Unfortunately they will have to kill all the humans with in the walls. The reason being is that the humans in the wall are a specific type of human. Some race that contain an evil tendency gene. Maybe they are whats left of the "old" human (of present day man in the real world). They know they must be destroyed for life to go on and by the King keeping them alive in the walls is the same as keeping a small vial of small pox for just in case. It's better to fully remove it just to be safe.

    There are probably many more humans alive on the outside then we think. So destroying the humans in the walls wouldn't actually kill the human race, just take out that select portion.

    Now the Reiss family (or coordinate holder) knows how mankind killed itself and created the Titans so they don't want to leave the walls as they know it will happen all over again. They also don't want to tell anyone as they might start an uprising if they know it actually is safe to leave and then will eventually go back to their old ways of conquering territory and killing each other.

    The humans that now exist outside of the walls do live in peace. As evident by Grisha not having any concept of money when he came to the walls. But they can only fully embrace this peace and grow by destroying the titans which can only be done by getting the coordinate. They are worried about Eren because he has the power of it but has the mindset of the old type of human. One bent on revenge and destruction. They know if he fully learns its power that it is only a matter of time before he is influenced by the humans in the wall to start killing other people and making the same old mistakes of the past. We see examples of this when the military takes over the crown and many of the leaders are doing it for selfish reasons.

    1. The twist is that the warriors are actually the good guys. They are the one's trying to save humanity and the people in the walls are the bad guys. People outside the walls care for each other and live in peace while the ones in the walls still want revenge and selfish fulfillment. By wiping them out and getting the coordinate all the Titans can be erased and the new, better type of man outside the walls can finally grow in harmony.

      Mikasa and Levi will both end up making it to the end of the story as they have Ackerman blood which means they can't be controlled by the coordinate.

      As for the beast titan: I think he only has the power to create mindless titans and then control those said titans. While the coordinate lets you control every single titan whether you made them or not. Along with also having every single power a titan can have, i.e. armor, extreme size, mind control, intelligence etc.

      Also as far as titans being humans: in the beginning any titan can shift back to human but if they stay in that form for too long then their human body merges into its titan form. Leaving only their nervous system intact. This is why they end up becoming mindless. For some reason there is some way to make certain people retain their minds, a way separate from the coordinate.

  59. This is the supposed "leaked" ending by a former employer of the magna. Whether this is true or not and if it is whether the ending will now be changed is not yet known. Obviously this could be a SPOILER. It was mentioned in the comments earlier but this is the actual detailed leaked ending. Its long so I will make replies to my own comment to fit it all in. Enjoy and comment on whether you think it true or not.


    The titans were created over a hundred years ago as a weapon against humanity by Dr. Kichirou Moto. His motivation was revenge for his murdered wife and son from religious zealots that did not like the fact that Dr. Kichirou Moto was conducting research that could be viewed as being sacrilegious. On the night of the murder, Dr. Kichirou Moto home was set on fire by a religious group in the hopes of killing Dr. Moto. Unfortunately for the zealots, Dr. Kichirou Moto was still at his laboratory conducting research throughout the night. Upon returning home, Dr. Kichirou Moto watched in horror as his house burnt to the ground with religious zealots surrounding it. He knew that if he approached them it would mean certain death and he could no longer obtain revenge for his murdered family. He went into exile and constructed a hidden laboratory so that he could continue his research. He was able to develop a mutant potion that could be introduced into the water supply so that it would turn humans into enormous, but mindless killers. His justification for his actions was that humanity was becoming too religious and needed to be exterminated. In place of humanity, the doctor created a new race with individuals who were not a part of any religious order and who did not believe in the existence of a god. To avoid being killed by the titans that he created, he gave his followers as well as himself a potion that would allow them to shift into titan form that was many times stronger than normal titans.

    These shape shifting titans built a base so that normal titans could not pose a danger to the shape shifting titans. Their goal was to wait within the walls until humans were all eliminated by the titans. This plan would allow the shape shifting titans to avoid battle with humans and thus saving them from losing lives on their already low numbers. The problem was that their hidden location was discovered by a sizable human army which could have meant the total destruction of these shape shifting titans. To avoid this, it was agreed that the shape shifting titans should stay in human form and relocate to a new location.

    1. At the time, these shape shifting titans could not destroy the humans completely because they had well equipped and highly skilled fighters within their army. As time passed, humans began to take their titan threat less seriously so that their defense force were smaller in number and were less skilled. Sensing this weakness, the shape shifting titans decided it was the right time to attack and make an entrance for the regular titans.

      Dr. Grisha Yeager is a shape shifter himself who fell in love with a non-shape shifter. Although Dr. Yeager is a shape shifter, he did not share the hate that his fellow shape shifters had for humanity. This is evident when he cured a plague that was befalling humanity. After the attacks on wall rose which he was not notified beforehand, he injected his son with the shape shifting potion so that he would not die as easily as his wife did.

      After the initial attacks, Dr. Kichirou Moto sent in spies into the human military to analyze human tactics, weapons, and military numbers. Feeling confident that humanity was still not prepared to engage the titans, a second and third attack were planned on walls maria and sina.

  60. The attack on wall sina failed due to a change of heart from a handful of shape shifting spies who changed sides.

    Eren Yeager discovered that his father, Dr. Grisha Yeager was murdered for aiding humanity and giving Eren along with others the shape shifting potion to defend against Dr. Kichirou Moto.

    The recipe to a vaccine was found inside the basement of Eren's old house to prevent further titan mutations during battle. Dr. Grisha Yeager was able to create the vaccine before losing his life to Dr. Kichirou Moto.

    The ending involves Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, allied shape shifters, and the remaining human military destroying Dr. Kichirou Moto and his followers."

  61. simply awesome buddy...but why would annie,bertholdt,reiner keeps eren alive while they can eat him and get on with this coordinate power ?
    looks like they want eren for some specific task & like someone who is superior order in homeland wants this power to himself.

  62. Actually in the latest chapter it was revealed that Grisha was born and raised from beyond the walls, but he didn't come from the homeland. On the last page it tells us that the place he comes from is peaceful, with much more advanced technology (there's a photograph of himself and some others in erens basement) and it is said that they do not live in danger of the titans. Apparently when he arrived he made a name for himself as a doctor using his advanced knowledge from beyond the walls, which is how he was able to help so many people during the plague. He also somehow knows alot about the titans (to the point that he knew the royals always had one titan shifter, the process to become a shifter, as well as how to get his hands on the serum). Nothing is known about him other than the fact that he was born and raised in place where they have more advanced technology and medicine, somehow knows everything about being a titan shifter and the process for it, as well as the cities origins. So far nothing else has been revealed, but as of now, Hange is the commander (Erwin's dead), Armin is a Titan shifter, the beast titan took Reiner with him, and Bertholt was devoured by Armin. Oh yeah, and the only remaining remembers of the survey corps are Hange, Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha (just barely), Connie, Jean and some random background character who was the only one to survive the beast titans throwing of debris mainly unharmed, and carry Erwin's body back to the others. Hange, Levi, Mikasa and Eren make it to the basement, key doesn't fit, Levi kicks in the door, enter, Mikasa sees a desk drawer with a lock, they open it find a journal, then eren and mikasa open it together and find a photograph with something along the lines of 'this is a photograph, this is how you make a photograph, I come from beyond the walls where there is no threat from the titans, and we live with much more advanced technology'. Why am I spoiling this? The city and its walls were probably some type of experiment using the titans as a basis. What thay are trying to find out, i dont know, but all the hints and clues suggest that this is possible.


  63. Major spoilers ahead

    Well!Titans are indeed humans injected with titan serum .I think the Manga has made this point pretty clear.When humans are injected with the serum they become mindless titans .The interesting thing is that when they devour or according to aot wiki just happen to injest the spinal fluid of a titan shifter the mindless titan reverts to human form and gains titan shifting abilities.Also it has been confirmed that a human civilization exists beyond the walls.So,it makes me wonder if 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I forgot where I was going with this😛so I'll comment when I remember.

  64. the Reiss Family was responsible for the creation of the walls 100 years ago using the Coordinate, which was stolen by Eren's father Grisha, who then transferred it to Eren's body by turning him into a Titan before allowing his son to devour him.
    the survivors explore the basement of Eren and Mikasa's old house and recover evidence proving that the human civilization beyond the walls is not extinct as they were always led to believe, but is, in fact, thriving. However, they also discover that their race, the Eldians, is oppressed and persecuted by the Marleyans, the ruling race that with the objective of conquering their island, Paradis, and seize their natural resources, transformed Eldian prisoners into rogue Titans to keep them trapped inside the walls and sent Zeke, Annie and the other Titan Shifters to steal the Coordinate. In the occasion, Eren also learns that Zeke is his older half-brother, who betrayed their father and defected to the Marleyans. After Wall Maria is reclaimed, Eren and the others make preparations for their imminent confrontation with the Marleyan forces.
    four years later. The Marley forces including Titan shifters like Zeke and Reiner as well as warriors in training to inherit their power are fighting against another nation called the Mid-East allied forces. Though Marley wins the war, they are devastated by the new invention of anti-Titan artillery which can seriously harm and kill even the most well fortified Titan shifters. Thus Zeke tells Marley military command that they must once again attempt to steal Eren's power or Marley's position as a world hegemon will cease.